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The Lord's Harvest Featured as "Persons of the Week" on WLOS

This week The Lord's Harvest was featured as WLOS "Persons of the Week

MARS HILL, N.C. -- Our Persons of the Week are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of people every month.

When you come to the home of Bill and Sharon Welsch, expect to be fed. It's homemade with hospitality and generosity the Welsches are known for.

They call their program The Lord's Harvest.

And the need is huge. Madison County, where they live, is one of the most food-insecure places in the nation.

They're helping people like Kristy Surrett.

"It's embarrassing for a lot of people to say 'I need help.' Even with kids, to them it's like saying you're not making it as a parent," said Surrett.

"We think of ourselves as the land of golden opportunity and this wonderful, dinner-bowl of the world, but there is hunger," said Sharon Welsch.

The Welsches and their volunteers at Lord's Harvest grind away at hunger--with a 1925 corn grist mill.

They make cornmeal and put it in baggies. They take thousands of pounds of potatoes and beans bought with donations, and a lot of the Welsches own money, to distribute throughout Madison and Yancey counties, and beyond.

They've reached as far as Ohio, Kentucky and western Virginia--and they have churches in Tennessee that help.

They are able to reach hundreds of people each month, each with a unique story, and a common need.

"It's something I feel really passionate about and was called to do," said Bill Welsch.

It's compassion in action. "We like to give people hope," said Bill.

They're giving more than hope.  They're promoting the health of families in need.

If you would like to help the Welsches or learn more about the Lord's Harvest, click here.

Our Bonner Scholars have been BUSY this week


Our Bonner Scholars have been working really hard getting us ready for an epic week of delivery.  We have made deliveries to Beacon of Hope, Neighbors in Need, New Victory Baptist Church Help Center, TouchPoint Ministries of Tri-Cities Baptist Church, Keystone Housing Ministry of Tri-Cities Baptist Church, the United Methodist Church of Spring Creek and Colvin Community Church of Spillcorn.  Thanks to Hunter Wallace  who sorted canned goods to be given to Madison County residents who are serviced through our program called FARM (Feeding Aging Residents of Madison) as a part of Madison County Community Services.

And thanks to Jenna Greene and Juanita Guzman who bagged cornmeal for the Spillcorn Community. 

And thanks to Jenna Greene and Juanita Guzman who bagged cornmeal for the Spillcorn Community. 


All of these young ladies also bagged potatoes and pintos for our deliveries this week.  We are thankful for our Bonner Scholars and the wonderful work they do.

Giving thanks to God for allowing us to serve those who are in need.  Bill and I talked today on one of our deliveries about how blessed we are to be able help.

We are wishing all of our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Caitlin Deaver Saves the Day

photo 4
photo 4

We would like to acknowledge Caitlin Deaver's HARD work in organizing the food items for packing the boxes.  You may remember that Caitlin volunteered with us this summer as a part of the Bonner Scholarship Program at Mars Hill University.  Even though she did not have to help us, when asked she agreed to put out the food in an organized manner :) to help us be ready to pack boxes on Thursday. Caitlin spent an entire day getting the tables ready!  A huge shout out to Caitlin and her sweet spirit!  We love YOU! <3 We could NOT have done it without you!

Partnering Together

DSC_2077 Bill and I helped with the Mars Hill Baptist Church Community Feeding Ministry on Saturday, June 7. The Community Feeding program added a mobile pantry and we took 100 bags of cornmeal, pintos and 100 5 pound bags of potatoes to supplement what they were giving away which included meat and pantry staples. We had about 60 families who came by in a two hour period. It was our first attempt in the county with the Mobile Pantry. A good start. The need is so great and those who were helped were truly appreciative. These folks were some of the most needy we have seen and a different demographic than those we have seen at the community food give-away that we have helped with since January.

DSC_2082                            Packed Truck