Meet Two of Our New Bonner Scholar Volunteers!

We are excited to introduce you to two of our Bonner Scholar Volunteers from Mars Hill University.  Pictured above is Juanita Guzman, a Junior whose major is Business.  She is from Avery County, NC.  She is on the soccer team and is a leader in the Delta Zeta sorority.  Juanita will be serving as our Volunteer Coordinator this year.  We are excited to have her returning to volunteer with us!

Shay Sargent, pictured below, hails from Raleigh, North Carolina.  He is a sophomore at Mars Hill studying History.  He is aspiring to be a teacher and has already done quiet a bit of teaching at his alma mater, at Southern Wake Academy, a Charter School in the Raleigh area.  He is a member of the ultimate Freebie team at Mars Hill. 

We are super excited to have these two students as Volunteers along with two others students whom we will post pictures of very soon!  Welcome to the "team"!